Food Truck

Introducing the Sawmill Cafe Food Truck located daily on HWY 421, Wilmington, NC.
The Sawmill Food Truck offers the same honest, healthy, down home cooking you find everyday at The Sawmill Cafe. We offer a variety of delicious breakfast, lunch entrees, sandwiches and more.

Customer Reviews:
“Chicken and pastry was the bomb! Lima beans also the bomb! Also worth mentioning, hush puppies. Also, the bomb! Great job people!!!” —SurfCity Local

“Everybody loved the hamburger steak!” — Wade H.

“Sawmill has the best food that I have ever had in the 23 years I’ve lived in North Carolina. And some of your staff at your restaurant in Hampstead are absolutely amazing along with the cooks.” —Candice N.

“I love the teriyaki bowl. We live in Currie. This location will be great for us. Hope you build a restaurant there. Good luck!” —Sandra M.

Call us at Call us 910-520-6965

Hours of Operation:
Monday -Thursday at our permanent location on HWY 421 from 10:30-2:00